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book-award-300x225AIOP is run entirely by Volunteers, from divisional positions right through to the Board of Directors. It is a commitment members make due to their passion to see continual professional development offered to people who work within an office environment.

Office Dynamics Adelaide’s Director, Catherine Middleton, has been a Member of this incredible organisation since 1992, and over those 20 years sat on the SA Committee of Management culminating in 2011 as Division President / Member of the Board.

She became a ‘Fellow’ of the Institute after gaining my Diploma of Management in 2010.

In 2011 she was elected to the position of National President /Chair of the Board of Directors, a position she held for two years.  In 2013 she was awarded an Honorary Life Membership at the National Conference, for outstanding contribution to the Institute. This was certainly a highlight of her career.

During that time AIOP has grown exponentially.   Catherine said the the opportunity to ‘lead’ a team of incredibly passionate people, who willingly give up their time and expend much energy in keeping the Institute moving forward, has been a humbling experience; with the connections built over that time, will see the Team continue to make headway for the future.

The future of course, is with the up and coming young professionals of today. With the changes implemented this year, we have created a ‘new look’ institute, one that the younger generation will be more inclined to view with enthusiasm and join, giving them the opportunity to be inspired to achieve career aspirations that they may have only dreamed of.   Click here for AIOP website

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The Australian Institute of Office Professionals

Catherine Middleton


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