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In 2013 Catherine was awarded an Honorary Life Membership at the AIOP National Conference, for outstanding contribution to the Institute. The National Citation read:

book-award-300x225Mrs. Catherine Middleton has been a member of AIOP since 1992, initially the Institute of Professional Secretaries & Administrators (Australia) – IPSA .  She has held a number of positions on the South Australia Division Committee of Management, including South Australia Division President and Director.  Catherine was appointed National President and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Australian Institute of Office Professionals in October 2011 and she completed her term in November 2013.

Catherine’s passion for the Institute and promoting continual professional development to our members has never floundered, even in the face of many challenges.  She is a great negotiator and enjoys nurturing close working relationships with a variety of stakeholders, to ensure that a team is constantly aligned with working to a common goal.  She has always maintained a professional image and is the ultimate in reliability and dedication, which is only surpassed by her temperance and determination for the progress of AIOP.

Catherine has mentored and encouraged her administrative colleagues to come together to discuss processes and issues affecting all administrative staff.  She has always been proactive in recruiting members to committees, working and advisory groups.  She is notable for her capacity and willingness to contribute to knowledge about the administrative profession and AIOP.

Personal Reflections

My career has spanned four decades, and has been predominantly within the field of administration, working across the board of both public and private enterprise, taking me overseas to London, New Zealand and around Australia.  Becoming a  ‘Fellow’ of the Institute after gaining my Diploma of Management in 2010, has given me post-nominals of FAIOP, a great step forward in my career.

Being involved with AIOP at the National level, has given me the opportunity to ‘lead’ a team of incredibly passionate people, who willingly give up their time and expend much energy in keep the Institute moving forward, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

The future of the Institute today, is with the next generation of members, With the constant challenge of keeping the organisation relevant in today’s business environment, it is hoped that membership will continue to be promoted as a catalyst for assisting them to be inspired to achieve career aspirations that they may have only dreamt of.   Click here for AIOP website

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