Org character

If you are an Organised Person, you will understand the importance of this skill when running a business.  You will appreciate that having the right business systems in place will make life easier, more efficient and much more effective.  Productivity will be at a premium and costs will be kept within an acceptable range.

You will also understand the sentiment that ‘SYSTEM, IS NOT A DIRTY WORD”.  It is in fact the conduit for keeping a company on track to delivering high quality customer service to their clients.  There are many aspects of having the right systems in place, the following being just a few.

  • Systems ensure the consistency of a service or product by removing the variables that affect quality performance and delivery.
  •  Systems remove unnecessary ‘think time’ as you know what needs to be done, so work can commence immediately without having to reinvent the wheel.
  •  Systems stop mistakes happening, as there is a set sequence to be followed, so that tasks don’t get forgotten or missed.
  •  Systems remove uncertainty, the enemy of good business, because it is clear to everyone the tasks and activities that must be done to generate a successful outcome.
  •  Systems help to make the best use of resources, cutting out expensive duplication of effort. They streamline a business and make them more efficient.
  •  The very act of setting up a system, makes you think afresh about your business, what it does and how it does it. This forces a reassessment of core functions, which could mean working more effectively.
  •  When systems are up and running, it becomes easier to spot when things go wrong. If everyone is doing their own thing, you are never quite sure what is working and what is not.
  •  Systems create a basis for future improvement and adjustment. You can see more clearly where inefficiencies and bottlenecks are slowing things down or impacting on quality.
  •  Systems are teachable. The contrast being where knowledge is kept inside people’s heads, and only transferred to others slowly and on a ‘needs’ basis.  In this environment, new employees are at a disadvantage and take longer to learn the ropes.  Where there are systems, anyone can be shown ‘the way we do things’.
  •  Systems add value to your business.

Systems therefore allow you to maximize the power of your business, not just improving output, but also the quality of all that you do.  So far from being a ‘dirty’ word, ‘system’ should be in the vocabulary of every business owner.

 (Information reproduced with the kind permission of Business Enterprise Centre – excerpt taken from the Winter 2014 edition ‘Inside Small Business’).