The Publican’s Daughter

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Book Overview

When you have a family history that is thought to trace back to William the Conqueror, why wouldn’t you want to let people know about it.  Family histories are unique to each one of us, but when that is brought to life by stories handed down from one generation to the next, it keeps that history alive.

pub-image-sm-300x432I have dedicated this book to an incredible woman, my Mother.  As I recreate her story, June is 85 years of age, and it has been my very greatest wish, to complete this book during her lifetime, as an acknowledgement of her wonderful story telling abilities.  This I am happy to say, has now come to fruition due to the wonderful world of self-publishing.  Unfortunately my Father Ronald, passed away in December 2011, but he would have been very proud to have held a copy of ‘The Publican’s Daughter’ in his hand, knowing that future generations of his family would have the pleasure of understanding their family’s roots through these pages.

As a storyteller and fledgling poet, (although she would protest that title), June has woven a tapestry of life creating a vivid picture in my mind of my ancestors, the Blunts, the Powells and of course the Pegram family.  It is such an intriguing story that I felt it may also be of interest to others.  I have included a selection of her poetry throughout this book as it enriches the telling of her life story.  Her tales are as she wrote them, so that some are from a personal viewpoint, whilst others are reflections of key people in her life, which adds to the authenticity of the stories being told.  This book has been made possible due to June’s incredible memory.

Initially, she wrote diaries so that her grandchildren and perhaps even her great grandchildren would have the opportunity to share her story, and gain an understanding of what life had been like for their Grandmother/ Great Grandmother as she was growing up in England so many years ago.

She describes excerpts of her life over many years recalling precious childhood memories, of which the clarity of detail is quite astounding. As a daughter, I am very proud of my Mother’s ability to write, whether that is as a poet, or as a teller of stories, as she has a wonderful ability to paint a picture of the many trials and tribulations she endured throughout a period of her life that was extremely challenging.

As I read her diaries and transcribe them here, I experienced many emotions as I read of love, hardship and the many life experiences that go to make up The Publican’s Daughter.  Her story is one to be told, and I hope everyone who reads it is as amazed as I have been, in understanding the woman who is my Mother.

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