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My latest project, due to be released by Christmas 2017.  The idea of writing this book has been on my Task List for quite a while now, and it took two wonderful people who are the catalyst that enabled me to get this project ‘up and running’. Since becoming an Affiliate Member of Professional Speakers Australia, I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people.  Two in particular are Gary Edwards, SA Chapter President and Tim Gard (CSP, CPAE) from America, who stand out for me, as they are high profile professional speakers/coaches who have supported my ideas and offered advice on how to turn my ‘message’ A Career by Design or Default’, into a marketable tool.

The book looks at what it would take to design a career within the administrative field, a career that we may only have dreamt about when we put our foot on the first rung of the career ladder.

It also looks at those of us whose career came by default due to circumstance.  I have interwoven exploits of my own career, to show what happens when there is no control in how that career evolves, but also what it has taken to turn it around to being ultimately successful.  It’s light-hearted in parts, but also gives what I consider to be the key attributes of achieving professionalism in a career.

Administration weaves it way through every business, whether it is a private or public entity, and I feel that staff working in this field are the backbone of any organisation.  Their expertise across a plethora of roles, keep the wheels of a business constantly moving forward.  Unfortunately these staff members are not always given the kudos they deserve and are often overlooked when professional development opportunities come along.  This is incredibly unfortunate, as with the right support and encouragement, office staff will excel at their job, and continue to grow in their career. This is invaluable as roles become more focused on creating greater efficiency within the office environment.

However, it is also up to the individual staff member, whom I like to consider are Office Professionals, to be very positive about who they are and what expertise they bring to the table.  They need to raise awareness of the profession, rather than sit back and accept the status quo.  If we truly want to manage a career, then there is planning to be done and an attitude that anything is possible if we want what we may feel is impossible to achieve.

Stay tuned, I will make an announcement when the book is released for publication.


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