cardboard_box2_questionmarksIf you are you working in a well organised environment, it will be a place where systems are coping with daily demands, where procedures are clear and documented, and staff understand their role.  Like a ‘Box’ that is sealed with contents contained in an orderly fashion. However, when things are not working so well, it can be likened to that same box where edges have become frayed, and the lid is inexplicably lost, the control once contained now severely eroded, resulting in some type of ‘loss’.Think of this analogy in regard to Office Management and how effective it is at the moment.  Are there ‘frayed’ processes causing angst?  Is information being lost that would take time and effort to restore?  To Be Out Of Control Is To Be In Pain.   

Effective business operations within the office can ensure that ‘pain’ is kept to a minimum even when changes occur.  When organizations suddenly experience a growth spurt, it is likely that their support structures have not been expanded to cope with the increase in activity.  Usually administration is the last aspect of operations given consideration.  This can be due to the immense pressure of servicing customer needs.

Having effective, efficient office management systems in place is important  and essential to support business growth.  Factors ‘behind the scenes’ that are not running as well as they could be, can be the ‘undoing’ of an excellent business enterprise.  Effective administration is the nuts and bolts of running a successful business.  That is why staff in this area are an essential cog in the wheel of operational success.  Critical factors to consider for renewed vigour in this area are:

  1. Procedures reviewed and updated ensuring the latest information has been included in every process. Done in consultation with staff will add value to the process, as there will be an instant ownership of the changes implemented.
  2. Policies reviewed to ensure that they reflect the current company position.
  3. Job and Person Specifications (J&PS) reviewed ensuring that they not only describe the role, but also responsibilities and accountability required of the position. Each staff member must have an understanding of what is expected of them in their position.
  4. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s which are aligned to the J&PS. This is a measurement tool for assessing staff performance over a predetermined period of time.  An excellent tool that used properly, allows effective discussion at any staff review session.  It allows input from both the staff member and their manager. Undertaking these four steps will assist management to achieve Business Excellence.
  • Staff feel included in the process and able to provide input in their area of expertise;
  • Raised morale throughout the transition phase;
  • Full implementation will see efficiencies rise, with an increase in quality outcomes for customers.

To achieve Business Excellence within your Office Operations call Catherine Middleton at Office Dynamics Adelaide, The A-Z of Office Efficiencies 0408.004.823