DID YOU KNOW that there is an ‘EA of the Year Award’ Ceremony run every year by ExecutivePA, the Magazine for Professional PAs and Secretaries.  

This Award is the best of its kind in the country, and is highly valued by all that become involved each year.   The Awards have grown from strength to strength over a number of years, and is now the most sought after Award by professional EAs/PAs across Australia.  I have seen this growth first hand, as I was invited to sit on the judging panel for two consecutive years, in my capacity of National President of the Australian Institute of Office Professionals.  I now watch with interest, the many applicants that reach the final round of judging.  They all possess a common denominator, they are highly skilled, successful in their roles, and offer their employers something more than their job description will ever encapsulate.

Criteria for the Awards is a cross section of skills you would expect to find in a person that sits alongside the CEO or Executive of any company.  These skills are many, and cross over from technical expertise to being able to communicate, negotiate and manage the plethora of responsibilities on behalf of the executive on a day to day basis.  They are more than that, as stated by ExecutivePA, in their Awards Special edition of their magazine, “The judges look for passion, dedication and authenticity”, which was definitely reflected in the 2015 Winner, Janine Turner.  “The fact that Janine is highly approachable and sets a high standard, along with having impeccable organisation, professionalism and interpersonal skills, are what set her apart”.

Along with EA of the Year Award, the other highly sought after title is for the Up and Coming EA of the Year, is for those that are perhaps just starting out in their career, and having an impact in their role.  Chelsea Willoughby was the 2015 winner, who I am sure will continue to shine in her chosen career path in the future.  I wish both of these wonderful high achievers every success for their future endeavours.

There were of course a number of ‘runner ups’ in these two categories, all who would have had a considerable wealth of knowledge and experience, and to have reached the finals, was indeed a wonderful achievement.  The experience of being a part of such a high class National Award, will stay with them for a very long time, and will enhance them both professionally and on a personal level.

Next year, there will be another round of Awards to recognise excellence in the industry, it is therefore an opportunity for all CEOs / Executives to give recognition to their staff who make a significant contribution to the ongoing efficiency within their office.   It is a way to support your EA in their career progression, raise the status of their position within the company, plus give something back to the person that keeps all the balls in the air, when the pressure is on.

The rewards are many, for those EAs who participate in the Awards, for the executives that support their EA by nominating them, for the company that gains a reputation for supporting their staff in their career progression, it is a win:win all the way around.

Other rewards come from the many wonderful sponsors that provide incredible prizes, the brilliant venue in Sydney where the Awards are held, but more than that, it is the opportunity of a lifetime for EAs to come together to celebrate the EA profession, whether there as a potential ‘winner’, or there to support a team member who has been nominated.  It is a night of extravagance, a black tie affair, where the ladies adorn themselves in lavish dresses, enjoying beautiful surroundings, and more than anything else, the experience of the camaraderie that emanates across the profession, as people from all backgrounds, industries and states across Australia come together to celebrate their profession.

As a person that has been involved in these Awards, I would highly recommend anyone reading this item, to find out about the 2016 event.  It is an experience of a lifetime for any person serious about their career as a professional Executive Assistant.

Photo:  http://www.executivepa.com/awards/