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Address to your Manager


I am writing to request approval and funding to attend the Office Professional ½ day Workshop to be held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor on Hindley on 30th August, 2017.  After reviewing the program, I feel this event is especially relevant to my both my professional and personal growth.

It will give me a unique opportunity to learn from the best and discover proven time saving techniques that will make me more productive.  This would be an opportunity to invest in my ongoing career development, as attendees are ensured that we will walk away having learnt skills that promote professionalism in the workplace as we come to understand how to be more effective and indispensable on a daily basis.There are five Speakers offering an array of skills and offering inspiration to those who work within the office environment.

Liz van VLIET, Being indispensable champions the cause of Leadership and Self Development, and is presenting ‘Skills, Values and Behaviours of Being Indispensable.

Gary EDWARDS, Influential Speaker, and Communications Coach presenting ‘Handling Difficult Conversations Well’

Jenny LOFTES, CEO of Studio J Production Consultants, An innovative and energetic management professional, with extensive international experience.  High energy, results-orientated Leader with an entrepreneurial attitude, will present ‘Fear of Failure’

Audrey THOMAS, Co-founder , My 15 Minutes & Co-Author of ‘I don’t have time’.  Presenting ‘I Don’t Have Time for a Presentation about Productivity’.  (Copy of book will be gifted to each attendee, plus offer of a free 7 day Mini Program).

Kristen MACKENZIE, current State President of the Australian Institute of Office Professionals, presenting ‘Overview of the Institute.

Catherine MIDDLETON, Workshop Host and Director of OFFICE Dynamics Adelaide, will EMCEE the event.

 The cost of attendance is $195.00 which is extremely good value as I will only be away from the office for the morning, being able to return early afternoon.  I would be happy to share my learning with fellow team members after this event.

In summary, I am confident that the money invested offers significant value, as I will be able to improve the contributions I bring to both my role and the company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,