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The A-Z of Office Efficiencies …

Office Dynamics Adelaide provides a Professional Business Organizational Service that works with companies to identify and implement strategies to optimize service provision to their customers.

By assisting company representatives to ascertain best ‘fit for purpose’ process improvement strategies, they are provided with options that will assist business operations to run more effectively and ultimately become more efficient.

Managing Business Process improvement is about recognizing, adapting, stimulating, managing and building support for the inevitable change critical to business survival and continuous improvement. Services available are:


Office Management Reviews

Whether you are reassessing your Front Desk operations or looking at how your Executive Office may be managed more effectively, there are a number of strategies that can be implemented to ensure that staff and management are able to work as effectively as possible in what can be a highly demanding section of the business operations.

Business Process Improvement

Whatever the problems may be, let us assist you to get best value for $ out of your business, by keeping productivity high and turnover of Staff low.  We offer a number of services with the client being able to choose the best solution to meet their immediate requirements. Service levels vary:

  • It may initially be a review is undertaken, with phased in steps over a period of time on a ‘needs’ basis.
  • An ‘assisted service’, whereby easy to follow directions and ongoing support is offered to staff after an initial review and agreed strategies for improvement have been discussed:
  • A complete service encompassing an initial review through to implementation of strategies.

Specific reviews may include any or all of the following:

  • Review of Policies
  • Review of Operational Procedures (Process Mapping)
  • Review of Job & Person Specifications
  • KPIs set against J&PS to assess competencies

To run a successful enterprise in what is currently a very difficult market place, it is essential to be able to align business operations with the demands of customers. The management of continual improvement of processes and procedures, should be recognized as an essential part of the overall Business Plan during any fiscal year.  By doing so, will ensure the ongoing success of any company looking to continue to grow in this economic climate.

Mentoring & Coaching for increased Performance

With a many years experience as a public speaker, in her association with the Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP), specifically in her role as National President, Office Dynamics Adelaide’s Director Catherine Middleton, is able to present to staff on professional/personal development issues, that can assist in understanding their role within the organization plus, how they can achieve their career aspirations.  Catherine’s involvement can be in the following areas:

  • Staff Performance Reviews
  • One on one mentoring sessions
  • Coaching staff for Professional Development / Career Progression

Speaking Engagements - Students transitioning into the Workforce

Presented to the Business Studies class at the Thebarton Senior College on  “Applying for a Job & standing out from other candidates at Interview”.   Topics covered were:

  • How to apply for positions
  • Writing job applications
  • What it takes to be successful at an Interview
  • Tips for entering the Workforce

Readily available to present to School Leavers, Technical Colleges, or any student group that need an insight into how to apply for a position and what it takes to be considered during an in depth interview.

Ideally aimed at students in their last year of studies, or those at a Technical College who are applying for their first position.

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The Australian Institute of Office Professionals

Catherine Middleton


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