OfLectern Speechfice Professionals come in all shapes and sizes.  They come from varying backgrounds and are at various stages of their career.  The commonality of this group is that they form the backbone of any organization.  From the front office manager who adeptly manages the pressures of greeting guests and responding to a multitude of phone calls, through to the Executive Assistant who manages the CEO’s office.  In all of these administrative positions across Industry, Retail, Government, Private Enterprise you will find Office Professionals working fastidiously to keep the wheels of business moving forward.

Although their wealth of knowledge and expertise is valued, it is highly desirable that office professionals continue to grow their strengths and abilities to enable them to continue to remain effective in these challenging times of technological advancement.  To that end, here are ten key strategies that can assist in meeting career aspirations for the future:


  • Networking – It’s vital to network outside of the usual work setting.  Networking broadens professional circles.
  • Branding – When associates think of you, they will know your style and work ethic.
  • Join a professional organization specifically for Office Professionals – Tag onto an association that will help propel your onto a more rewarding career.
  • Career Path – What would you like to do in your career? Work that out and plan backwards.
  • Refresh skills – be accredited. – Focus on attending RTO courses/University, and build your pathway to success.
  • Sell yourself – in everything you do – Be the person you would want to hire.
  • Find your passion – and get paid for it – Can’t wait to get home to work on your hobby? Turn it into your career.
  • Strategise – Failing to plan? Then you’re planning to fail.
  • Surround yourself with positive people – Workmates and friends can tend to reject your aspirations – shop around for new circles of passionate people like yourself.
  • Mentoring – Haven’t been a Mentor? Try being a Mentee first.

Putting these strategies into place will be the keystone to future career successes.  Each strategy is achievable, it just takes planning to implement them into busy schedules.   The Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP), is an organization that can assist you in planning your career path.  Go to their website  www.aiop.com.au for further information.

Catherine Middleton  / May 2013  ©