UNDERSTANDING the importance and power of being organised when managing a busy role, is about having the right systems in place that make life easier, more efficient and much more effective.  Knowing the value of utilising ‘TOOLS OF TRADE’ can sometimes fall short, when they are undervalued and perhaps not totally understood.  A few to think about incorporating into a busy day are:

1.   USE OF HYPERLINKS – For keeping information organised, available, and easily retrievable.

  • Manuals – Policy, Procedural or OHS&W, where a multitude of documentation needs to be managed.  By hyperlinking the attachments within the main document, staff are able to easily access the correct information.
  • Documentation Version Control – So vital to ensure that there is only one version of each document, and that there is a quality control mechanism in place to manage this.
  • Master Templates – Hyperlinked in a covering directory.  Staff have easy access to the correct template every time, reducing the need for time consuming rework.
  • Table of Contents – Hyperlinks to individual referenced documents within any file.
  • Lists – Anywhere there is a list, hyperlinks can be utilised to ensure the correct documentation is retrieved every time.

2.    THE POWER OF SPREADSHEETS (Work smarter, not harder)

  • Financial Reporting: – Budgets, expense reconciliations breaking down costs.
  • Project Management – Where timelines are crucial to various aspects of a project.
  • File Management – Creating a schedule that tracks file movement within the office, and notates who is taking what action, and deadline for that action.
  • Database Management – Managing databases from a simple list through to systematic collation of information that can depict current status at any given time.
  • Mail Merges – Made easy by transferring a database into a spreadsheet.
  • Outlook Contacts – Did you know that contacts in Outlook can be created as a list and then cut and pasted into a spreadsheet, making Mail Merge a breeze.

There would of course be numerous other ‘Tools’ to assist in achieving peak performance, these are but a few to offer the busy Office Professional  ‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’.

Whatever your role may be, there will be any amount of technology that is provided to assist you to be successful in your role.  The key to being successful in any position is to take up the challenge of understanding and getting the true value out of computer programs that are in use within your organisation.  It can b e daunting to learn new aspects of technology, but once you have mastered each one, your ability to ‘soar’ through every day, having achieved the unachievable, and with ease, with augur well for your future career prospects.

By implementing changes to achieve a higher level of efficiencies within your office, workloads will become more manageable and hence more effective.  You will gain recognition for being a person who can bring a new focus to managing a busy working environment in a highly effective manner.