Planning to Succeed will always give a head start for any worthwhile endeavour in life, and being employed is reward in itself for the initial time invested in getting documentation right.

Having a plan in place is the best strategy possibly for entering the workforce.  The transition say from School to work, or from one job to another, needs to start with a well thought out process which should include the following:

  1. Having an up to date Resume/CV
  2. Having a well written Letter of Application prepared, so that when a job of interest comes up, you have the basis for putting forward an application.
  3. Understanding Interview Techniques
  4. Thinking outside the square on the many options for being employed  (Traineeships /  Apprenticeships.

Each of these aspects are important, but perhaps the most important asset you will have, is a positive attitude which will single you out from other applicants when it comes to interacting with a potential employer.  These topics and more are covered in detail in Job Hunting? Plan for Success which is readily available HERE

For School Leavers, looking to apply for their first position, take a look at Schools Out, Where to from here? Available HERE


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