New Beginnings

I met the most wonderful woman recently who changed my perspective on the importance of being in congruence with my true self. Sounds grandiose, but it took another woman to reach my inner core, where self awareness is sometimes hidden from view.

I feel reinvigorated in that I now have a renewed mindset about what is important is me. I have found my ‘purpose’ again, after burying it under a ton of ‘action lists’ that didn’t actually take me anywhere, other than increased angst at not having completed my ‘to do’ list!!

A website that reflects who I am and what I am able to offer prospective clients reflects a new marketing fervour that I feel is the ‘real’ me. What a step forward.

I am now refocusing on Career Management with Confidence, aimed primarily at women who are looking to rediscover their true career aspirations.  Having gone through life as an ‘introvert’, I know what it has taken me to scale the career ladder, sometimes successfully whilst at other times perhaps not quite getting to where I had planned to be.  I have however learnt along the way that it is never to late to plan for success. reflects my goal of assisting others to reach their full potential. Would love to hear from you if you are finding the career ladder a little slippery just at present. Contact me to rediscover your true career path and the steps you can take to achieve it.

Stand up and be recognised for the true professional you are.

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