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Managing Up!

A roaring lion can sometimes personify how assistants perceive their executive, making the role of supporting them seemingly an ongoing challenge. Perception being a person’s reality has the potential to stymy the effectiveness of the assistant’s position as it impedes communication.  Hesitating to speak up with ideas or when they have something important to offer …

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Dynamics of the Team at the Top

The importance of creating a Dynamic Team at the Top of any organisation cannot be underestimated.  It goes without saying that the effectiveness of the Board will rely ‘good governance guidelines, structures and processes as set out in the organisation’s guidelines.  Board members will be high functioning professionals who understand the importance of their role …

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The Australian Institute of Office Professionals, affectionately known as AIOP, is specifically aimed at staff who work within the field of Administration.  Whether you manage the front desk or support the Chief Executive Officer, this is the organisation that will support you to reach your career goals. Checkout the QR code which will take you …

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Necessity is the Mother of Invention HOT OFF THE PRESS! I’m delighted to share my latest thoughts first and foremost through Executive Support Magazine – the essential training resource for the world’s administrative professionals. We’d love to know what your thoughts are too or if you have any feedback in this matter, so please comment.  If …

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