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This program focuses on strengthening the working relationship between an Executive and their Assistant, with the aim to eradicate frustration, reduce stress and ultimately improve productivity. The Executive will ultimately gain at least one hour/day enabling them to concentrate on their designated role, whilst the Assistant concentrates on providing ongoing top-level support to their Executive, a win win situation.

Is Your Career by
Design or Default?

It is not always easy to achieve career goals, when so many other pressures come along and push you off course. Career Management with Confidence is a Personalized Coaching Service that assists people to get back on track.

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This is what I do

Passionate about Executive support staff continually developing their professional expertise so as to enhance the value their executives put on their position.  It should be remembered that an EA can only be as effective as their Executive allows them to be.

Catherine promotes this passion through:

Mentoring Program,  Speaking Engagements, Facilitating Workshops, and her professional development Articles and Self -Help Books.

Catherine says that she loves what she does and shares her experiences with people who are looking to take the next step in their Career, but perhaps hasn’t as yet put a plan in place to achieve it.


As an Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP) representative over the last twenty years, Catherine has spoken at many forums including Conferences specifically aimed at Executive Support Staff ie Executive Assistants and has on a number of occasions been asked to Emcee events.  The key focus of her presentations has been the importance of  Continual Professional Development for career growth,   

Her recent speaking engagements have been via Zoom, where she presented on the importance of Self Empowerment in reaching career goals.



Catherine has enjoyed producing four books as represented on this website. Three were written reflecting knowledge and expertise gained over many years of her Career.

One in particular, was a labour of love reflecting her Mother’s story – The Publican’s Daughter, written initially for the family.  An amazing story of an amazing woman.

A number of Articles have been published in professional development magazines, both in Australia and the UK promoting Career Development for office staff.


Workshop Facilitator

Organizes and Facilitates Workshops – Topics include

  • Professional Development for EAs.
  • The Dynamic Duo
    How to get the best out of a Career.
  • Minute Taking made Easy.
  • Job Hunting Techniques

All workshops are personalized to meet Client’s requirements.


Happy clients

Nigel Morris, CEO – Alexandrina Council

Feb 2011 – Nigel was Catherine’s Client

Catherine changed the way I worked and has given me back the most valuable resource of time.

I engaged Catherine for some strategic advice on delivering efficiency gains in our administrative operations and after her initial investigations received her no- nonsense feedback that took me in the direction I needed to take.

By implementing Catherine’s strategy, I find that I am more organized, operate at a more strategic level and have more time on my hands.

I highly recommend Catherine.


Katherine Winton M.HRMgt, MIPAA – 

Workforce Strategist  
January 2021 – Katherine was Catherine’s Client 

I am delighted to provide this recommendation for Catherine Middleton. I was introduced and matched to Catherine through the IPAA Personal Mentoring Program in 2020.

Catherine (as my mentor) was cognizant of my learning style and provided me with support required to embark on my future career path. Her approach was holistic and had direct application to specific problems I was experiencing which assisted me to manage issues of work and life balance brought about by the requirements of the workplace. Catherine had an emphasis on modelling best practice, was skilled at the provision of ‘how to’ advice, sharing her knowledge and experience and taught using a self-discovery approach.

Through conversation and sharing significant milestones together, we shared insights and learning and growth took place. I am grateful for Catherine’s encouragement and through dialogue and resource sharing, she greatly assisted me to discover purpose and career growth. Catherine is strongly committed to encouraging and supporting the person being mentored to be the ‘best they can be’.

I highly recommend Catherine’s services as a mentor, workshop facilitator and career management specialist.

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