Career Management Coaching

Mentoring for Success Program

Time commitment 1 hr/week.
Consider enrolling in a 6 week Program where you will discover:

  • the value of Self Empowerment;
  • how personal branding allows you stand in your own POWER
  • how your passions assist you to target specific industries;
  • how social media can be a valuable marketing tool;
  • how to effectively apply for specific roles;
  • what to do at Interview.

Individual Mentoring Sessions can be arranged.  

Having someone to discuss what may be possible, someone who will listen and offer an outside perspective on career options is invaluable.

Do you need help in Developing your Career?

If you work within the field of Administration, you can sometimes feel that your current role does not give you the job satisfaction you are looking for.  If you:

  • need assistance;
  • struggling to move forward?
  • have low confidence levels?
  • have outgrown your current position?
  • Unsure of your future?

There is assistance at hand.  Make the decision to find out how you can get back on track to start creating a pathway to achieving career aspirations.

Professional Development Workshops

Presentations tailored to suit individual requirements.

Chief Executive Officers / C – Suite Staff   

The Dynamic Duo  –  How the roles of the Executive & Assistant can be strengthened to achieve high level efficiencies, understanding the importance of building strong working relationships to ensure the ongoing success of operations and the reduction of stress within this high intensity environment.

Executive / Personal Assistants, Administrative Staff – Leap of Faith
How to take a ‘Leap of Faith’ in Managing a Career with Confidence and reignite the Spark in a Career – Strategies for achieving a Career by Design – Self confidence/ self esteem/ courage in moving a career forward. Including
attributes of a highly successful Assistant – What does it take to be top of the profession?

Job Application & Interview Process

For Jobseekers who need support in Planning for Success, whether a School Leaver or someone wanting to return to the workforce.

Find out the simple step by step process, of applying for positions.​  PLUS, how to present your ‘best self’ at an Interview.

Applying for jobs does not start and end with downloading a CV proforma from the internet and filling in the spaces, it is a fine-tuned process of matching a person’s skills and attributes with a Job and Person Specification that comes with every role.

If you are serious about getting into the workforce or have a specific role you would like to apply for, assistance in working through the process is available.

C-Suite Operational Reviews

To look at the dynamics between the Executive and their Assistant to ensure both roles are aligned, ensuring an efficient and effective high level working relationship is possible.
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