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The Publican's

This is not your usual biographical book, as it contains such gems of imagination that it is actually awe inspiring. The gift of words is not endowed to everyone, but certainly it is an attribute that June was able to bring to each page of her memoirs. It is therefore with great pleasure that I share her life’s story with you here. I do hope you enjoy your time spent experiencing my mother’s journey.


Job Hunting? Plan for Success

For Jobseekers who need support in Planning to be Successful.

A valuable resource for all Job Hunters, who need a helping hand in applying for positions, including handy templates for a Resume and Covering Letter, plus negotiating their way through the Interview process.


TIME TO THINK BIG! Create the Best Career & Life for YOU

TIME TO THINK BIG! Choose the best Career and Future for YOU is the catalyst that will assist you to achieve the career you have always wanted. By learning the facets of professionalism, you will be able to design the best future you can imagine.


Schools Out, Where To From Here?

At the end of every School year, there is a mass exodus of students and the occurrence of the inevitable ‘Schoolies’ Week which has become a tradition for those who have completed their final exams.

After the celebrations wane there will be many of our up and coming young professionals left to ponder how do you transition from School into the Workforce?

If this is you, then this book is an ideal resource.

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