The Power of Possibility

From time to time, I run training workshops for people looking to get into the workforce. Attendees come from a diverse number of backgrounds and levels of expertise, however the key take away message is always “look at every opportunity that presents itself, as you never know where it will take you”.

Atb one particular workshop, Mary (not her real name), was an accomplished photographer who delighted in capturing nature at its best. Mary’s dream was to work for National Geographic Magazine renown around the globe for its compelling articles, and dramatic photography portraying the beauty, mystery and harsh realities of life on earth.

Mary told me that the only job available at that time was for a Receptionist, which she dismissed outright, as she was a photographer and did not even consider the role as a possibility.

Now of course, she was right about the role not being her preferred career move BUT, if she had taken time to think more broadly about it, she would have seen that there was POWER IN THIS POSSIBILITY, as the receptionist role would have been her foot in the door of the very company she was targeting.

As any Front Desk Officer/Receptionist will tell you, they are the font of all knowledge of an organization. They come to understand the business, the people, the priorities, and become adept at professionally managing the front office. That being so it is often the case that as and when job opportunities arise within the organization, the receptionist is given the opportunity to put forward their expression of interest.

For Mary our photographer, it would have been an opportunity to show her expertise and enthusiasm for the business which could have developed into a golden opportunity ‘down the track’. When I pointed this out to her, it became a ‘light bulb’ moment for her, and a lesson she would never forget.

Life is full of possibilities if we open our minds to what is there in front of us. Taking off the blinkers and adopting an ‘I can do this’ mentality, will open doors into a potential job or career path.

When the going gets tough, it would be easy to sit back and think ‘I can’t do this’, which may result in remaining in the exact same situation as you find yourself at the moment. Negativity breeds negativity, and it take a strong resolve to enable taking a step forward. As the saying goes, “The first step is always the hardest”, however it gets easier once you have already started”. 

If you need assistance to take the first step, consider getting in touch to find out about the Mentoring for Success Program, which is tailored to individual needs. Meetings are held via ‘Zoom’ and appointments can be negotiated to fit in with your other commitments. Details can be found under Services on this website.

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