Effectively Managing ‘UP’

As you would be well aware, an Executive’s TIME is highly valued and must be meticulously managed.  The only way to ensure this occurs is to delegate the responsibility of the  DIARY/CALENDAR to a trusted assistant who is to be allotted Total Control.

In the business world as we know it, every executive has a mobile phone giving them the capacity to manage a duplicity of tasks whilst they are away from their office, including appointments. It is however, far more effective, when a meeting needs to be negotiated, to advise the party concerned that the executive’s assistant (EA) will be in touch to discuss a mutually convenient time. This saves the possibility of double booking, it also generates a professional image for the Executive.

It would be totally unprofessional to agree a time, get back to the office only to find the EA has already negotiated another appointment in that timeslot.  There is then the difficulty of having to ‘backtrack’ and make changes.  The time expended to renegotiate is a total waste of resources.

As manager of the calendar, the assistant will be fully conversant with the movements of their executive, and able to negotiate appointments on their behalf, portraying a stronger professional image.

Apart from the assistant, there should be NO OTHER PERSON who has the authority to create appointments with ALL requests being directed through that assistant.

It is important to note that dealing with Stakeholders in a highly professional way promotes the credibility of the assistant’s position, as they become an extension of their executive. This gives strength to their ‘standing’ as they become the pivot and are seen as the first port of call, taking the pressure off the executive as issues and visitors are handled professionally.

To set the wheels in motion, executives and their assistants need to meet to discuss this most important aspect of managing the executive’s office.  This is a call to all assistants to ensure the meeting gets into the diary and cannot be cancelled. 

When you meet, be firm, stand your ground and advise your executive that they need to allow you TO DO YOUR JOB.

On the other hand, allowing the assistant to ‘manage up’, and have full jurisdiction over the diary, (nothing less), will be a win-win for both parties, as frustration and stress will be significantly reduced.

Executives, just imagine, having more TIME in your day, everyday, enabling you to work at a more strategic level.

Assistants, just imagine having the authority to get on and do your job.  Certainly, worth investing the time to meet and set the parameters, don’t you think?

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