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For Executives who are constantly walking the ‘tightrope’ whilst managing the demands of their position and would value discovering strategies that will assist in creating a high-level operational partnership with their Executive Assistant, sometimes referred to as the ‘Secret Weapon’, read on.

Executives who have been accustomed to managing their own office, may find it difficult to let go, to relinquish tasks and delegate responsibilities to another person. However, it is essential that they do so, as although they may be able to sustain actively managing two jobs over a short period of time (their own, plus that of a potential Assistant), it takes its toll on their ability to consistently meet the strategic demands of their position, but perhaps more importantly, these demands can have serious implications for health and level of functionality.

The reverse side of the coin is when the Assistant’s expertise is undervalued, which engenders low job satisfaction resulting in the possibility of a high-level turnover of staff.  This is expensive, both financially and in the loss of intellectual property. EAs are passionate about their profession, and are always looking to grow, so when they find themselves in a situation where their expertise is not valued, they will likely ‘move on’ to a more career orientated role. 

Let’s look at this scenario.

You are an Executive experiencing high levels of STRESS, perhaps your role has become bogged down in managing the day to day operational tasks that inhibits progress plus, inhibits the ability to operate at a more strategic level.

The Executive Assistant (EA) working with what they see as a  ‘challenging’ Executive, constantly trying to keep them on track with their diary, project commitments and finding their Executive is self-managing.  The frustrations are two-fold.  The EA ensuring the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s are crossed, striving to keep the challenges of the Executive Suite under control, whilst the Executive is working in a ‘silo’, managing their own administrative tasks whilst not keeping their Assistant in the loop.  This is frustrating for both parties, not to say counterproductive.  What can be done?  Is there some magical solution that could FIX THIS?

The first step is to realize that the most valuable resource of any Executive is TIME.  If we agree on this point then we can work towards a solution that is readily available within the Executive office, which of course is the Executive Assistant.  The EA position should be a designated resource that delivers efficiency gains in the operations of the office and in doing so will enhance the productivity of the Executive.

This situation is one that is being experienced I am sure, all over the business world, and one that can be remedied by following a few practical steps to ensure the ongoing success of Executive Offices everywhere.  Success means utilizing the power of the expertise that surrounds the Executive, primarily that of a competent Executive Assistant.

It appears that some Executives, perhaps those who are tech savvy, don’t see the need for an Assistant, they can do their own diary, travel arrangements etc., however, creating powerful, synergized working relationships within the Executive Suite, specifically between an Executive and their primary support is of utmost importance.  The Executive experience can therefore be enhanced when the dynamics of this relationship is built and nurtured creating the ability to achieve the highest levels of efficiency within the C-Suite, even throughout the most challenging periods.  

It should be remembered that when an Executive builds a successful career, they also contribute to the success of their Assistant, as the EA role can only be as effective as their Executive allows them to be.  It is a Catch 22 situation, as by investing in the EA’s continued growth, they are also investing in their own success.

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